About 2bls

2bls taking over living room

It all started back in the early 2000s, yes the best part of two decades ago, when the founder, Christian Borrman was making ghetto tubeless sealant in his living room, and tought it would be good to launch a brand to do this. 2bls was a simple text (SMS Message) speak abbreviation inspired by often meeting fellow cyclists opposite the legendary 2b and not 2b number plates in London; our email is 2b@ and you can use not2b@ to unsubscribe…

This was a brilliant Segway into Hamlet and the Hamlet moment that tyre punctures can create… when people without sealant get a puncture or trying to get other sealant to seal a puncture 2bls would it juts seems to be a 2b or not 2b moment and it all just comes together 🙂

…and being very popular with the rest of the household while he experimented with types of latex and formulas for sealing cuts and holes in the tyre fast…

2bls taking over living room

There were times where big cuts, even one massive Y shaped cut I cannot find the picture for, while doing the south downs way, with the tyres pumped hard for fast rolling speed and sealant squirting everywhere and people saying “put a tube in, a cut that big will never seal” but it did seal, and that was when we were convinced this formula sealed better than others, and that we knew we had something special.
big cuts, no problem with 2bls

Then there was this cut in Wales that sliced right through and under the entire tread down to and through a 6mm cut in the puncture protection and even ended up with a stone stuck into the cured gap.

But it was not until 2010, yes over a decade years ago, that the real discovery of how superior the sealant was, as a pioneer of road tubeless, running the higher pressures that road then involved with skinny tyres (100psi and over still, vs the 120 and over of the equivalent size tubed tyres) that we really knew this sealant was different. While other sealant just squirted away; 2bls did the job and got the triathlon or other race finished. Sometimes tyres needed throwing away after a race with some many cuts – you know the one where people retire after they run out of patches / tubes – but you keep going!

In 2012 work started on a brand, the one we have here on these pages.

in 2014 Christian bought his first mass purchase of latex, 200 litres (basically an oil drum) was the minimum and it stood in the churchyard as we lived in an old historic rectory in the heart of Kensington. So you can imagine, that when HRH Prince Charles came to visit said church, Police security had a great interest at 7.35am, as I was on the runway at Heathrow on my way to a business meeting, I had about a minute to explain to my wife, in ways that police security would understand, that the barrel was in fact the work of the average crazy British entrepreneur and not that of a (complete) madman… (200l oild drums are also used to contain explosives by amatuer low lifes) so I said ” tell the its latex, to seal cuts in bicycle tyres, your husband is a crazy entrepreneur, and you can open it with a key that is (wherever) and show them the masses of wheels, mixing containers and batches next to all the bikes” and we took off. Fortunately when I landed an hour or so later I saw that the visit went swimmingly, my in-laws who were staying had pictures with smiling Police offices and I had not made the headlines, but most importantly – the 200 litre oil drum of Latex was fine!

However work and setting up other businesses got in the way, new brands came and keep coming and we keep testing them, but 2bls still comes out on top… so I guess its time to do this…