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There are aero gravel wheels and there is this wheel. There is nothing on the market at the moment that beats the speed and allround gravel ability of a 30mm internal width, 40mm external width, aero gravel wheel as it allows:

  1. smooth transition from a 35mm, 38mm or 40mm wide 700c gravel tyre, even one with tread to the rim and beyond: the first time you ride these you could be forgiven for thinking you are on a TT / Triathlon bike or at least a very fast aero road bike with very aero wheels – the noise, the speed, even with Goodyear Connectors from many of the photos (moderate off-road tread) this combination on the 3T Racemax has Triathlon bike speeds with only a 5-10 watt disadvantage. You can cruise at 40km/h plus on this if needed. 30km/h is reached with road bike effort.
  2. put some aerobars on your gravel bike and move like a tri bike
  3. 35mm or 38mm road tyres are just as aero, but way more comfortable and look way more at home that 30mm or 32mm road rubber on a gravel bike. The comfort, grip, compliance and speed are on another level
  4. the fact that the wall of the 38mm tyre especially is almost vertical and parallel to the rim creates an astonishingly stiff set-up with almost no lateral flex even at low pressures while enjoying sublime vertical flex and compliance.
  5. using a 35mm front with a 45mm rear allows a much steadier front in windy situations, especially long endurance rides where correcting wind inputs to a 45mm deep wheel can become intrusive / dangerous. 
  6. using a 35mm front with a 45mm rear gets you almost climbing wheelset weight aero wheel set-up (sub 1400g the set) with aero, it really is win-win.
  7. Hooked or Hookless – the choice is yours, not ours, and we think this is important. See the diagram to show how if you value aero and speed (and your frame allows) a 35/38/40mm tyre on a hooked design will give the most vertical wall and aero design, but will give a like for like tyre generally a larger effective diametre or Diameter as measured (DAM) and a slightly lower width as measured or WAM. A hookless design tends to allow a tyre to mushroom more, so you can generally fit a wider tyre with more clearance, and again, generally a hookless design is better for wider tyres as it generally has a higher impact resistance than a hooked design. So generally, hookless is better for hooning. Remember the important word in all this is “generally”. Finally remember hookless limits the tyre range to a hookless design and should not be used with inner tubes…

There is a before and after using these wheels. and then there is the looks… they are stunning! That is before we get back to function first again, with no drilling to the outer wall to keep a smooth aero rim with no need for rim tape (we do recommend adding rim tape, as it makes cleaning the rim when replacing sealant and/or tyres a case of just peeling off a (single) later of tape, so it still saves weight over the recommended two layers of typical tape).

The wheels are built up with DT Swiss 240 EXP ratchet hubs and 32 sapim aero spokes and brass nipples unless you order and specify otherwise. Why: brass nipples do not seize onto the spoke like aluminium nipples can.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 70 cm
Bead Design

Hooked, Hookless


35mm, 45mm

35mm / 45mm Deep Front wheel

35mm, 45mm


xDR, Shimano / Sram 11sp, Shimano micro, Campagnolo


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