While we have been making sealant for 2 decades now, wax is a baby at only a decade’s worth of testing. However in this time we have tested the dusty Spanish and sourthern England dry summer, to the very wet British winter and snow of ski resorts and more in between and the benefits of wax based lube are clear, and particularly our formula:

  1. Much lower chain wear, particularly when matched with Ti-Ni treated chains (gold colour) they last up to 3x longer in our experience: if properly waxed to lock grime out, and then topped up with our wax based lubricant.
  2. Much cleaner bike + house, garage, car, fingers, etc. Wax lube drops clean wax that does not smudge like crud that falls off of an oiled chain and does not tend to stain either. For high end bikes especially or any bikes that are kept inside especially this is important, but also for all maintenence such as putting the bike on a trainer, swapping wheels, removing a wheel to put inside a car and even inside a car, they are cleaner…
  3. moreover: no more newbie chain tattoo marks on legs… its gotta be worth it just for that.
  4. We can ship it cut to your chain length

While the original formula and speed benefits were published now a decade ago and the creator’s talents scooped up by a brand that sells these chains as well, you can make this yourself, however typically producers add a potential carcinogen and pollutant PTFE to their formula… we do not, we add another ingredient to lubricate (the wax alone keeps debris and dirt out of the chain links, but in itself is a pretty poor lubricant without other lubricating ingredients).

You can send your own chain and it costs the same, we are not being funny, just that a different chain takes extra time to receive, unpack, clean, repack, etc. and we have to allocated a time to do this ad-hoc, as it cannot always be sheduled with the other chain batches… we will look to change this in the future but for now look at it as bespoke service at off-the-shelf prices 🙂

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 cm

KMC-11EL, KMC-11SL, Sram 12speed Eagle, Sram 12 Speed Road, Own, Other


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